Maximizes patient and treatment
convenience with immediate analgesic.

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Welcome to PainFreezer Web Site.

Founded in 2002, BISON Medical specializes in the manufacture of skin, beauty,
dentistry, and urology medical equipment, focusing on laser, ultrasonic and radio
frequency-based technologies. BISON Medical has a long history of developing and
manufacturing medical devices for more than 12 years and is a reliable and technical
company that can realize medical knowledge.

In addition to laser products, we have successfully launched beauty products such
as filler and skin booster, and we have completed the development of an anesthesia
spray PainFreezer that is easy for everyone to use, including ordinary people and
medical workers, to examine the market response.

Business field

  • - Medical

    Laser equipment used in various
    skin procedures such as hair removal,
    toning, acne, and tattoo removal

  • - Aesthetic

    Safety approved cosmetic only
    filler, skin booster

  • - Supplies

    Easy-to-use, instant anesthesia
    visible anesthesia spray