Maximizes patient and treatment
convenience with immediate analgesic.

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Pain Freezer
Topical Pain Relief

Pain freezer is an immediate local anesthetic skin
vapo-coolants that can temporarily control pain.

Pain freezer instantly reduces body temperature
on the surface of the skin to blunt the peripheral
nervous system for immediate analgesic.

Use Pain Freezer
for this kind of situation!

  • 1. during the procedure

    all kinds of aesthetic surgery related procedures
    such as filler, botox, tattoo, etc.

  • 2. injection

    Insertions using syringes such as flu and intravenous injections

  • 3. an injury during a game

    bruised during football, basketball, baseball, tennis, or various sporting events

  • 4. in one's daily routine

    In the case of minor injuries or muscle aches that fall or bump into each other in daily life

  • 5. in one's spare time

    Minor injuries during leisure activities, such as climbing, water skiing, skiing,
    horseback riding, etc.

You can choose the right
capacity for your convenience.

  • Pain Freezer 150g

  • Pain Frezzer is an anesthetic spray that can be easily used by medical personnel or the public for pain management, such as plastic surgery, dermatology, and minor injuries. Compared to the anesthesia cream that needs to be applied and waited for about 30 minutes, you can expect an anesthesia immediately without waiting, which saves time and reduces pain more than an anesthesia cream.

  • Precautions

    • 1. Do not spray on the eyes.

    • 2. Avoid inhalation through mouth or nose.

    • 3. Do not use in patients with diabetes, poor circulation or dull skin sensation.

    • 4. Excessive use may cause changes in skin pigmentation.

    • 5. Do not use it for genital mucosa.

    • 6. For infants, do not spray for more than 2 seconds.

    • 7. Keep out of reach of children.

    일반적인 통증의 경감을 위해 사용할 경우의 사용방법

    • 1. 적합한 소독제로 시술 부위를 소독한다.

    • 2. 시술 부위에서 약 8~15cm 떨어져서 피부가 하얗게 될 때 까지 약 2초 동안 지속 분사한다. 이 때 피부/시술 부위를 얼게 하지 않는다.

    • 3. 목표 부위를 넘어서서 분사하지 않고 시술 부위에 정확히 분사한다.

    • 4. 통증완화 효과는 수초에서 1분간 지속된다. 필요시 다시 분사한다.